Custom Embroidery

Logos, names and designs on shirts and jackets.

Business logos, names and even art work. We can turn it into beautiful embroidery.

From concept to design to finished product, we make sure your embroidery is perfect. We have over 100 thread colors to match any taste and our 15 needle industrial machine can embroider on almost anything flat.

Step 1: The idea
Everthing starts with the concept. Bring in your ideas sketched on paper or created on a computer. If you have a design that is already in a vector format, even better. We will take your design and turn it into a graphic.

Step 2: Digitizing
After you have approved the art work, we will convert it into something the embroidery machine understands. This is called digitizing. We actually do that ourselves. Most people send that out. I like to have complete control over the finished product. It may be your logo, but it's my creation.

Step 3: Test Run
After we have completed the digitizing, we run make a test run on scrap fabric. Here we analyze the digitizing and make any tweaks to the file. When we're happy, we show it to you for final approval.

Step 4: Stitch it out!
After you approve the final result, we put the embroidery on the shirt or jacket. You can bring your own or we can provide the garment.

Give us a call. We would love to talk to you about your ideas and turn them into stitches.